About Division Q

Division Q is a basketball league based in Hampshire County for members of the queer community. Our goal is to build a recreational community space during the fall and winter. 

The league is organized by people who met through a queer basketball pickup group in Northampton, MA, and our first season was in the winter of 2023-24. We invite you to join us and help make it a success!

For each season, the cost of dues is decided based on cost of renting facilities, insurance, and necessary equipment. Our goal is always to make the league as affordable as possible, and to offer options to pay on a sliding scare for community members who cannot afford the cost of dues. We also accept solidarity/supporter payments from folks who can afford to pay a little more to cover others! 

In our first winter 5v5 season, the base dues were $60.

You must be over 18 years old to join the league. The league is centered around the queer community. We aren’t interested in setting some standard of what “queer” means. But if you bring a cishet friend to the league, make sure they are someone who is going to contribute positively to the experience for others.

Yes! We will hold multiple preseason events to help people learn how to play and strive to be a welcoming environment for beginners. Many players in our first season had never played basketball before.

The 2024 fall season will begin in October and end in December. Subscribe to our mailing list using the form on the sidebar to stay up-to-date with the registration process. 

Yes, we appreciate any donations from community members. We have not completed our non-profit filing yet, so we can not offer tax receipts for donations. Contributions can be made through paypal at paypal.me/divisionq.

You may bring friends to watch games, but teams are responsible for the behavior of spectators. Food is not allowed in the gym per school policy.

Games for the 5v5 season will be played at Mountain View School in Easthampton, MA. 

Games for the 3×3 season will be played at Jackson Street School in Northampton, MA.