3×3 League Rules

2/29/24: These rules are draft and may be changed before the start of the season.

The Division Q Basketball 3×3 League will be based on the FIBA 3×3 Rules for grassroots events. League specific rules are mentioned below: 

Part One: Modifications for Fiba 3×3 Rules

  1. The Game Ball: The game ball will be a size 6 indoor basketball.
  2. Teams: Teams will be allowed to have no less than four and no more than six players on their roster. 
  3. Game Officials: Each game shall feature one referee. Additional roles, such as scorekeepers, may be filled from spectators or inactive teams.
  4. Playing Time/Winner of the Game: The game shall have 1 period of 10 minutes. 
    1. If there are enough volunteers for clock management, the clock will be stopped for all dead-ball situations in the final two minutes. If there aren’t enough volunteers for clock management, and time expires during a free throw attempt, a final 12-second possession will be allowed for the team with the ball following the attempt. 
    2. The first team to score 15 points wins the game if it happens during regulation.
    3. Teams will not be disqualified from competition after two forfeits or no shows. 
  5. Substitutions: Substitutes may enter the field only through a line designated by the officials. 
  6. Standings: Wins will be worth 2 points, losses will be worth 1, and forfeits will be worth none. Teams with the same number of points will be classified by 1) head-to-head points per game, 2) head-to-head score per game, 3) points per game vs. teams with more points, 4) coin toss. 

Part Two: 3×3 League Policies

  1. Uniforms: Pinnies will be provided by the league for teams. If teams make their own shirts, there is no requirement for numbers to be on the shirts, but they must be the same color. If two teams have uniforms with the same or similar base color, pinnies must be worn. 
  2. Forfeits and Outside Subs: A team must have at least three players to play a game. If a team does not have enough players for a given game, it will be recorded as a forfeit. Teams may use players that aren’t on their roster to play the scheduled games for fun. 
    1. Teams are responsible for paying their designated referee regardless of if they forfeit or are unable to attend a scheduled gameday. Failure to pay the designated referee may result in disqualification from the league. 
    2. If a team is found to have used players not on their roster, the games played with that player will be assessed as a forfeit. 
  3. Roster Changes: Teams may add players to their roster during the season, up to the maximum of six players. If a player has expressed their intent to stop playing in the league, the team may replace them. Players must have played in one regular season game with their team in order to participate in playoffs. New players must pay registration fees, and the league must be notified of roster changes.